To be able to act upon the world, it is necessary to know its laws.

The world of science, or the world of religion, cannot escape this rule.

Nor can the business world:

He who wins knows where he goes, with whom he allies, and with what means.

Here is, then, what the business world can take from the latest scientific discoveries.

The subjective world (our view of the world) seems abstract.

The objective world (the world we see) seems solid.

The universe seems to be ruled by laws linked to compact elements.

Which makes us not realize that our thought interacts directly with the entire matter of the universe through a net of quantum particles / waves.

For everything in the universe is a great game between subatomic particles that also behave as “waves”, like those in the brain, which appear in any electroencephalogram, signaling our mental activity.

But our “belief in matter” created the term “a-tom”, which means “matter that cannot be divided into smaller units.”

Today we know that the cosmos is governed by quantum laws.

We live in a universe of such small particles that an electron seems to be a giant next to them.

All these particles interact with our emotional states and our thoughts all the time.

Because there are no barriers between quantum particles inside and outside our way of thinking.

Our thought literally materializes our reality according to our subjective need to see it in a specific way.

And not as it actually is:

Always open to new horizons.

At every moment.

We just live in the illusion that this barrier is real.

Here, more than ever:


For, in this quantum universe, the frontiers between the subjective and the objective literally melt away.

At this level of depth of the central structures of the universe, now noticed by our consciousness, every experiment takes into account the presence of the observer as one of the elements of the experiment.

That is:

What we are still not aware of is that “reality” depends solely on the present, the way  we conceive it.

Here and now.

Therefore, our capacity to create the future does not depend on the past, but on what we want to make of it.

Here and now.

Nobody escapes, thus, the “mental gymnastics” of constantly redoing the adequacy between your motivation, by definition subjective, and its coherent application in the objective world, if you want to undertake something minimally successful.

Which means that, if we want to work at the level of the frontier between the intention (subjective) and the accomplishment (objective), we will have to create conscious tools, capable of transporting us to this dimension.

This is the objective of EMC2, or “energy motivation / coherence / cohesion.”

This course reveals how our daily logic, when structured according to quantum laws, makes us discover new possibilities in all sectors of active life.

For the Laws of Quantum Physics demonstrate that each one of us represents a complex structure of subatomic particles, with infinite possibilities to “change for the better” every second.  This would be possible if we knew how to unite our motivation with our coherence, within a cohesion that observes the world beyond what we know of it in our subjectivity, as yet not trained to consider it in other possibilities, which are ignored.

To undertake something is, then, to expand the limits of awareness itself.



And this new vision begins with a new assessment of the concept of motivation.

Only thus, by rethinking all our system of conceiving reality from its subjective root in each one of us, will we create the opportunity for our vision, limited by our pre-conceptions of the foundation of every enterprise, to also change.  

Let us call, then, this enhanced vision of motivation Motivation factor, or M factor.

But what in fact maintains all motivation except a capacity to structure an action coherent with its material realization?

Thus, the second obvious element of all action, serving motivation, is the coherence that should exist between the intention and the means employed to materialize it.  

This will be our C factor, or coherence serving the expansion of the motivation / cause of the enterprise.

This binomial, motivation / coherence, governs every human enterprise.

It represents the two complementary opposites of our logic, like emotion and thought, which creates a mental / environmental coherence for it to exist.

Motivation is also known as the “reason from the heart”, or the “pleasure principle.”

While coherence is found in the dimension of the “reality principle.”

The domain in which our mind processes its fears and doubts according to the limitation of its vision of the world.

Every human activity depends upon this binomial of complementary opposites.

Whatever it is:

To philosophize, to go shopping or to create a company.

Any rational act uses this circuit between motivation and coherence to structure a creation / event.

We call creation / event every built piece of work that lives its life in an autonomous way.

Like the Mona Lisa, which no longer depends on Da Vinci.

But only that painting would still be able to keep him rich for many centuries.

However, this logical binomial motivation / coherence is still far from being examined in its deeper quantum mysteries.

And this is possible thanks to another analytical tool:


This can reveal to us that the logical binomial motivation / coherence will always be incomplete while it does not take into account a third factor, or C2, which represents the cohesion of the system.

Without it, the result of creation will always be inferior to its real potential.  

However, before we cybernetically analyze the importance of the C2 factor, or Cohesion of the system, let us take a look at this underuse of the M factor, Motivation, in more practical terms:

As all motivation is subjective, it is confined to the limits of the head that thinks it.

It is glad, therefore, to analyze in depth only its own interest.

Thus “Selling it” to partners in a way that it does not think much of their real interests.


Here is the decisive step for those who want to motivate partners to a given project.

Beginning with their own employees.

But each subjectivity collides with its difficulty to motivate partners, by ignoring the means of knowing their real motivations.  

So, every enterprise is reduced to the potential of its initial motivation, by not knowing how to motivate other energies around it to the same end.

And in the same way as we begin to potentially grow old at the age of 18:

Our enterprises begin to lose their potential energy when they cannot keep alive the flames of initial motivation.  

For when we began what we are accomplishing today, we were, by definition, open to the exterior, because we did not have anything structured in our enterprise.

However, soon afterwards, we began to protect it from the outer world at the price of developing, thanks to this, the fear of undertaking things.


Each human creation lives, then, between its need to grow and its fear of being devoured if it does not know how to control this growth.  

And any organization that does not know how to use the C2 factor, or Cohesion, will know how to regulate itself in balance, to maintain its homeostasis, or to expand, in the center of this dilemma.

Which makes the art of motivating the most studied, but, at the same time, the least known.

For this art still does not know how to take into consideration the C2 factor, or Cohesion.

Although this mental triad Motivation / Coherence / Cohesion has already been known since the middle years of the last century, through Cybernetics.

Cybernetics universalized the use of the expression “feedback”, for the effect of sending signals to its cause at every step of its evolution.

But nobody understood the real possibilities that the “feedback system” possesses, which is nothing less than the C2 factor, or Cohesion of the system, when this looks for new energies beyond the “cause”, or initial motivation, due to its experience acquired in contact with the desired effect.  

In order to demonstrate this, for the “feedback/C2” system to indicate these new possibilities to us, it is necessary to learn to re-conceive the base factors, M and C.

Then, we will learn how to adapt our binomial Motivation / Coherence to the C2 factor, or Cohesion.  

In a new vision of the feedback idea that integrates them and allows them to evolve beyond their initial limitations.  

Always searching for a greater cohesion, which can guarantee its stability and progression more and more.

And this is impossible to be acquired, as experience, at a theoretical level only.

Only practical training, in Real Situation of Creation, can reveal to each one where he/she loses logical contact with the possibilities of an expanding cohesion through the two basic factors M and C. 

This experience changes everything that we know about our way of thinking at all levels, including management.

And, as the utilisers of the EMC2 concept are totally sure of this, their course fees will be refunded entirely if the result does not meet their expectation.

The choice of the abbreviation EMC2 is not by chance either.

Since, according to Einstein’s famous formula, speed, C, that is, the movement that governs the world, materializes its energy by reducing its acceleration below the square of the speed of light, or consumes its appearances by reaching this speed.

In other words, matter and energy are simple games of speed in the unfathomable cosmic movement that “in-forms” and “trans-forms” everything.

Our brain works under the same principle.

Because the more doubt and anxiety there is “materialized” in a mind, the slower it is in thinking fluidly.

So it has more difficulty in coherently probing all the possibilities that are presented to it in order to maintain and expand its global stability, that is, its cohesion.

Every mind should, then, always be open to every present event, independent of points of view as to whether it seems “good” or “bad”, knowing how to profit from these events beyond the sensations of “apparent gain or loss”, searching for a new cohesion that is certainly beyond the limited vision of the event.

This instantaneous mental velocity opens in each one of us the possibility to orient ourselves in present time, in other words, at the same time as the movement of the world.

This is the stated aim of the course.  

Evidently, it is humanly impossible to learn such an art in just one seminar.

But it guarantees to develop in each participant the possibility to continue this study in an autonomous way, in which case it must, then, be considered to be an investment of safe and profitable returns.